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Devin Collins' MM Piano Recital 2
(2017-05) Collins, Devin A.
Ailin He's MM Piano Recital 2
(2017-12) He, Ailin; Deahl, Lora; Fischer, Peter; Salazar, Lauryn; Ludwig van Beethoven; Franz Schubert; George Crumb
7. Piano Sonata in D minor(“Tempest”), Op. 31 no.2 Ludwig van Beethoven I. Largo II. Allegro III. Allegretto 8. Impromptus in C minor, Op.90 No.1 Franz Schubert 9. A Little Suite For Christmas, A.D. 1979 George Crumb The Visitation Berceuse for the Infant Jesu The Shepherd’s Noel Adoration of the Magi Nativity Dance Canticle of the Holy Night Carol of the Bells