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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Progesterone signaling in breast cancer 

    Diego, Pedroza (2020-12)
    Progesterone (P4) is important for normal mammary gland development, function and menstrual control. However, P4 and its receptors (PRs) in breast cancer etiology continue to be understudied and its role in breast cancer ...
  • Therapeutic drug intervention along with delayed voluntary exercise for motor recovery after ischemic stroke 

    Shoyaib, Abdullah A. (2020-12)
    Stroke associated disabilities have substantial socio-economic impact making it imperative to research and develop therapeutic interventions for post-stroke functional recovery. Currently, physical rehabilitation is the ...
  • Armed conflict and HIV 

    Kim, Yi (2013-05-10)
    This dissertation project asks the question, what are the effects of conflict on HIV prevalence? Scholars disagree about whether armed conflict affects HIV prevalence, and if it does in what ways. My dissertation seeks to ...
  • A comprehensive model of perceived project team performance 

    Liu, Wen-Hsing (2012-05-09)
    This research uses meta-analysis to integrate the results across previous studies and also conducts a multi-site field study to identify the most important factors determining project team performance. A project team is a ...
  • Characterization and optimization of a biosand filter 

    Kennedy, Timothy (2012-05-09)
    More than 800 million people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. The number though high, has recently been reduced thanks to technologies like the biosand filter (BSF), an intermittently operated household ...

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