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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • A Survey of Expected Qualifications for Texas 5A and 6A High School Percussion Directors 

    Tsalikis, Greg Patrick Donnelly; 0000-0003-4415-8347 (2020-07-23)
    The existence of the high school percussion director is a prominent feature for Texas 5A and 6A band programs. With a staff of multiple band directors, Texas band programs often feature percussion directors to develop the ...
  • DMA Recitals 

    Rayo, Luis Fernando (2020-08-04)
    DMA Chamber Recital - J. Brahms and B. Bartók DMA Recital - W. A. Mozart, H. Villa-Lobos and S. Rachmaninoff DMA Recital - L. v. Beethoven, B. Bartók and F. Liszt DMA Lecture Recital - Practicing Piano Etudes: Strategies ...
  • MM Recitals 

    Lobarbio, Cyrel V; 0000-0002-8419-6279 (2020-08-05)
    Numbered list of projects and composers.
  • MM Recital 

    Pilgrim, Debbie Seitter (2020-08-06)
    1. National Anthem- arr. Talley 2. Hands are Knockin'- Pederson 3. Hine Ma Tov- Betaux 4. Cantar!- Althouse 5. Shoshone Love Song- Emerson 6. Stodola Pumpa- Weston 7. Shanti (Peace)- Sirett 8. Go Where I Send Thee!- arr. ...
  • Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases using ordinary and fractional differential equations 

    Islam, Md Rafiul; 0000-0002-6931-1179 (2020-07-29)
    Infectious diseases can spread and turn into epidemics, taking thousands of lives within a matter of just a few days. Mathematical models can help us to gain insights into the dynamics of diseases and their control strategies. ...

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