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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • If Germany atoned for the Holocaust, the US can pay reparations for slavery 

    Reiter, Bernd (2019)
    The idea of paying reparations for slavery is gaining momentum in the United States, despite being long derided as an unrealistic plan, to compensate for state violence committed by and against people long dead.
  • The Zen of Ionesco: A production 

    Edwards, Cris Lane (2001-12)
    In my mind's eye, there are many facets to the Texas Tech production of Victims of Duty which lend themselves to in-depth study and explanation. My goal in this thesis is to focus on only one such facet- a thread which ...
  • A survey of expected qualifications for Texas 5A and 6A high school percussion directors 

    Tsalikis, Greg Patrick Donnelly; 0000-0003-4415-8347 (2020-08)
    The existence of the high school percussion director is a prominent feature for Texas 5A and 6A band programs. With a staff of multiple band directors, Texas band programs often feature percussion directors to develop the ...
  • Developing control in piano technique, DMA recitals 

    Rayo, Luis Fernando (2020-08)
    DMA Chamber Recital - J. Brahms and B. Bartók DMA Recital - W. A. Mozart, H. Villa-Lobos and S. Rachmaninoff DMA Recital - L. v. Beethoven, B. Bartók and F. Liszt DMA Lecture Recital - Practicing Piano Etudes: Strategies ...
  • MM Recitals 

    Lobarbio, Cyrel V.; 0000-0002-8419-6279 (2020-08)
    Numbered list of projects and composers.

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