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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Admiralty 

    Goudelocke, Owen M. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1985)
    Surveys admiralty cases decided in the Fifth Circuit related to seaman status under the Jones Act, seamen’s damages, forum non conveniens determination, and maritime liens.
  • Administrative Law and Procedure 

    Tucker, Joe A. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1985)
    Surveys some administrative law cases decided before the Fifth Circuit. The author details changes made through noteworthy cases in the areas of deregulation, rulemaking, scope of judicial review, and the appealability of ...
  • Media multitasking intensity predictors: A human centered & ecological approach to developing audience profiles 

    Zahn, Michael (2019-08)
    Media Multitasking is the predominant method through which individuals around the world engage with media today. This research addresses a gap in the existing knowledge regarding information that can be used to develop ...
  • The antecedent and consequence of two forms of social capital 

    Xu, Lei; 0000-0002-6585-829X (2019-08)
    Social capital is defined as the sum of potential and actual resources inherent to and derived from the structure of a firm’s relationships (e.g., Nahapiet and Ghoshal, 1998). As the subject of scholarly inquiry for years, ...
  • A design methodology for tunable adhesion and friction using curved and hierarchical structures 

    Gorumlu, Serdar; 0000-0002-3418-5627 (2019-08)
    Nature-inspired synthetic gecko adhesive systems show tremendous potential in developing robust, repeatable, residue free adhesive systems as an alternative in a wide range of applications from industrial and medical ...

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