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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Update on Feasibility of UV LEDs in a Spacecraft Wastewater Tank Application 

    Adam, Niklas; Callahan, Michael; Almengor, Audry; Gilbert, Nikki; Harris, Jacob; Jimenez, Javier; Hanford, Anthony; Toon, Katherine (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) expands its scope and begins to venture into long-duration manned space flights, the function and maintenance of spacecraft water systems becomes increasingly ...
  • Chemistry of Ionic Silver and Implications for Design of Potable Water Systems 

    Muirhead, Dean L.; Button-Denby, Amy; Smyth, Christopher M.; Nelson, Jason; Callahan, Michael R. (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    Ionic silver (Ag+) at approximately 400 µg/L is proposed as an ingestible biocide for potable water systems in future human spacecraft. This paper investigates the underlying chemistry of the silver ion at potable ...
  • On-orbit Testing of the Advanced Closed Loop System ACLS 

    Witt, Johannes; Hovland, Scott; Laurini, Daniele; Matthias, Carsten; Boettcher, Frank; Bevilacqua, Tiziano; Redondo, Carlos (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    "The Advanced Closed-Loop System ACLS is a regenerative life support system for closed habitats. With regenerative processes the ACLS covers the life support functions of CO2 removal, Oxygen generation and CO2 Reprocessing. ...
  • Reassessing the Purge Valve Architecture in the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit 

    Steely, Margot (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    "Earlier designs of the xEMU purge valve architecture mimicked the design of the ISS/Shuttle EMU architecture with the use of two purge valves. When opened, both purge valves will allow suit gas to flow from the pressurized ...
  • Early Results from a Broad Compatibility Study of Various Materials with Ionic Silver Biocide 

    Colon, Hector; Button-Denby, Amy; Steele, John; Nelson, Jason (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    Ionic silver is baselined for microbial control in spacecraft potable water systems for future exploration missions, but materials compatibility analysis is required to evaluate the passive depletion of ionic silver ...

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