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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • 3D-Printing Lunar and Martian Habitats and the Potential Applications for Additive Construction 

    Roman, Monserrate; Yashar, Melodie; Fiske, Michael; Nazarian, Shadi; Adams, Amanda; Boyd, Platt; Bentley, Michael; Ballard, Jason (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    In 2015, the NASA Centennial Challenges program launched the 3D-Printed Habitat (3DPH) competition to develop housing solutions for extended-duration missions on planetary surfaces using advanced additive construction ...
  • A Cabin CO2 Adsorption System for a Novel Medium-range Aircraft Concept 

    Berres, Axel; Niemeyer, Philipp; Milow, Barbara (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    In the ATLAS project, a concept study of a medium-range aircraft was carried out. For this purpose, novel technologies such as the extraction of oxygen, the control of CO2 in the cabin air as well as hybrid laminar flow ...
  • Development of a photosynthesis measurement chamber under different airspeeds for applications in future space crop-production facilities 

    Poulet, Lucie; Gildersleeve, Michael; Koss, Lawrence; Massa, Gioia D.; Wheeler, Raymond M. (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    Space crop production systems are being developed to grow fresh produce in-situ to supplement the astronauts’ diet, but the required ventilation rates for crops in different gravity environments remains poorly understood. ...
  • Practical Considerations of Integrating a Passive Thermal Control System onto Small-Satellites - The Ten-Koh Case Study 

    Dudziak, Roger; Tuttle, Sean; Okuyama, Kei-Ichi; Lidtke, Aleksander; Gonzales, Jesus; Fajardo Tapia, Isai (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    The research detailed in this paper aims to address the problem of thermal management of small-satellite (particularly micro and nano-satellite) platforms by proposing a passive Thermal Management System (TMS) that can be ...
  • Update on Feasibility of UV LEDs in a Spacecraft Wastewater Tank Application 

    Adam, Niklas; Callahan, Michael; Almengor, Audry; Gilbert, Nikki; Harris, Jacob; Jimenez, Javier; Hanford, Anthony; Toon, Katherine (2020 International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2020-07-31)
    As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) expands its scope and begins to venture into long-duration manned space flights, the function and maintenance of spacecraft water systems becomes increasingly ...

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