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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Civil Procedure 

    Moore, Kelly G.; Robinson, Russel L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1981)
    Survey of United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit’s civil procedure decisions from July 1, 1979, through June 30, 1980. This civil procedure survey is divided into two major areas. Part one of the survey ...
  • Breach of Implied Warranty in Personal Injury Actions: Privity of Contract Not Required 

    Holman, John H., Jr. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1981)
    Examines the Texas Supreme Court’s decision in Garcia v. Texas Instruments, Inc. The Court in Garcia held that in a personal injury action for breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, a party need not be privy ...
  • Problems of Knowledge in Legal Scholarship. By Philip Shuchman. West Hartford: The University of Connecticut School of Law Press, 1979. Pp. 106, app. 30. $8.95. 

    Weninger, Robert A. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1981)
    Reviews Philip Shuchman’s book, Problems of Knowledge in Legal Scholarship. In his book, Shuchman bemoans the legal scholar who relies upon appellate decisions as fact, regardless of the objective reality external to the ...
  • Beyond Merit Selection: Judicial Careers Through Merit Promotion 

    Davidow, Robert P. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1981)
    Presents a proposition for restructuring the judicial career system to formalize the process and provide a track for upward mobility based upon merit promotions. One of the goals of such a system is to attract bright, young ...
  • Antitrust 

    Cox, Kathy L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1981)
    Survey of antitrust decisions from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. This survey covers a variety of issues, including cases relating to the jurisdictional reach of the antitrust statutes, exemptions ...

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