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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Horse Behavior towards Familiar and Unfamiliar Humans: Implications for Equine-Assisted Services 

    Brubaker, Lauren; Schroeder, Katy (TTU); Sherwood, Dawn; Stroud, Daniel; Udell, Monique A. R. (2021)
    While human benefits of animal-assisted therapy programs have been documented, relatively little research has been conducted on behavioral factors that predict a successful equine-assisted services (EAS) horse. This study ...
  • Recent Advances in Biopolymer-Based Dye Removal Technologies 

    Dassanayake, Rohan S.; Acharya, Sanjit (TTU); Abidi, Noureddine (TTU) (2021)
    Synthetic dyes have become an integral part of many industries such as textiles, tannin and even food and pharmaceuticals. Industrial dye effluents from various dye utilizing industries are considered harmful to the ...
  • Cancer caregivers unmet needs and emotional states across cancer treatment phases 

    Yang, Winson Fu Zun (TTU); Lee, Rachel Zhi Yi; Kuparasundram, Sangita; Tan, Terina; Chan, Yiong Huak; Griva, Konstadina; Mahendran, Rathi (2021)
    Study objective: To investigate the association between family cancer caregivers’ unmet daily needs and emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress across their care recipient’s treatment phases. Method: A ...
  • Substance use disorders and suicidality in youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis with a focus on the direction of the association 

    Rioux, Charlie (TTU); Huet, Anne-Sophie; Castellanos-Ryan, Natalie; Fortier, Laurianne; Le Blanc, Myriam; Hamaoui, Stéphanie; Geoffrey, Marie-Claude; Renaud, Johanne; Séguin, Jean R. (2021)
    Background: Reviews and meta-analyses suggest that substance use and suicidality (i.e., suicidal ideations and attempts) are associated in youth, but the direction of this association remains unclear. Theoretically, the ...
  • Exercise in Aging: Be Balanced 

    Gronek, Joanna; Boraczyński, Michał; Gronek, Piotr; Wieliński, Dariusz; Tarnas, Jacek; Marszałek, Sławomir; Tang, Yi-Yuan (TTU) (2021)
    The beneficial effects of exercise are recognized for preventing physical and cognitive decline during the aging process. However, there is still a gap concerning recommended intensity, volume, frequency and mode of exercise ...

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