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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Federal Rules of Evidence 

    Rozell, Andrew (Texas Tech Law Review, 1982)
    Examines decisions made in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals concerning federal rules of evidence. During the current survey period, the Fifth Circuit considered few new questions, but expanded several concepts developed ...
  • Federal Law Preempts State Treatment of Military Retirement Benefits as Community Property 

    Worley, James G. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1982)
    Discusses the issue of community interest in military retirement benefits. In the present case, the Supreme Court held that federal legislation creating military retirement benefits preempted any application of state ...
  • Extending Strict Liability to Health Care Providers: Can Consumers Afford the Protection? 

    Crowley, Timothy J.; Johannsen, Tonya L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1982)
    Discusses implications of the expansion of strict liability to healthcare providers and explores whether the policies behind previous development are applicable to doctors and hospitals. Extending strict liability to health ...
  • Environmental Law 

    Kelly, H. Dennis (Texas Tech Law Review, 1982)
    Discusses the cases, which arose under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. It also examines the cases decided under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972. Finally, the article looks at the ...
  • Editor’s Foreward 

    Kite, David L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1982)
    This Symposium is an attempt to give the current state of the law under the Texas Family Code with only a modicum of historical analysis. Reference to the 1974 Symposium and 1976 Supplement may be helpful to the practitioner ...

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