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    • Depreciation of Property Acquired Subject to a Lease: Premium Lease Rentals as a Wasting Asset 

      Quilliam, W. Reed Jr. (Valparaiso University Law Review, 1970)
      Professor Quilliam investigates the wildly inconsistent disposition of federal cases dealing with depreciation of property acquired subject to a lease.
    • Gratituous Transfers of Community Property to Third Persons 

      Quilliam, W. Reed Jr. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1970)
      The Matrimonial Property Act of 1967 promulgated significant changes in the managerial powers delegated to the spouses over community property. These changes were carried forward in Chapters 4 and 5 of the Family Code, ...
    • Texas Estate Administration: Chapter 4 Will Contests 

      Quilliam, W. Reed Jr. (State Bar of Texas, 1980)
      In this 1980 Cumulative Supplement of the Texas Estate Administration book, the author adds new information to the chapter on will contests, including new subsections involving jurisdiction, venue, and duress. A new section ...
    • Texas Probate Code: Interstate Succession to Community Property 

      Quilliam, W. Reed Jr. (Texas Bar Journal, 1981)
      This article debates the pros and cons of the recommended amendment to the Texas Probate Code’s Community Estate section. The author discusses the amendment’s affect on the surviving spouses of intestate decedents. First, ...
    • The Uniform Marital Property Act for Texas? 

      Quilliam, W. Reed Jr. (1984)
      The authors of this article provide three reasons why Texas, though already a community property state, should seriously consider adoption of the Uniform Marital Property Act. First, Texas may encourage states that follow ...