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    • Molecular analysis of late-stage fiber development in upland cotton 

      Sooter, Amanda (2013-05)
      Cotton is the world's most important textile and the number one value-added crop. It plays a crucial role in the economy of Texas – supporting close to 50,000 jobs and supplying $2 billion to the state economy. Its role ...
    • Molecular development of the mid-stage elongating cotton fiber 

      Dass, Abhishek (2013-05)
      Cotton fiber is one of the leading natural textile fibers and is the leading value added crop in the USA. The annual business revenue from the cotton industry exceeds $120 billion. The growth of the cotton fiber is divided ...
    • Molecular landscape of cotton fibers in early elongation 

      Kunder, Komal Ramesh (2013-05)
      Cotton fibers are the dominant source of natural fibers used in the textile industry and contribute significantly to the world economy. Adverse environmental conditions negatively affect fiber characteristics, especially ...