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    • Evolution of an Additive Manufactured Heat Exchanger for PLSS 2.5 

      Quinn, Gregory; Strange, Jeremy; Zaffetti, Mark (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
      The next generation of extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) will require lightweight, high performance components in order to minimize the mass, volume and power of its portable life support system (PLSS). One component under ...
    • Parker Solar Probe Solar Array Cooling System In-Orbit Performance Review 

      Cho, Wei-Lin; Miller, Christopher; Zaffetti, Mark; Hansen, Harold; Sears, Patrick; O'Neill, Jonathan; Bechard, Eric; Stewart, Gary (49th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2019-07-07)
      After years of development, Parker Solar Probe (PSP) was launched on August 12, 2018 starting its seven-year journey to unveil the long-sought mystery of our solar system. The in-situ measurements and imaging, powered by ...