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    • Muonium in gallium nitride 

      Dawdy, Morgan R. (Texas Tech University, 1999-08)
      In this thesis measurements in wurtzite Gallium Nitride are made using muonium, M|i,=|i"^e. Muonium is created by implanting a positive muon into a host sample where it behaves as a light hydrogen-like isotope. Specifically, ...
    • Schottky diodes on GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors 

      Vijayan, Veena (Texas Tech University, 2000-08)
      The electrical characteristics of Au and Ni Schottky barriers on n-type GaN grown by gas phase molecular beam epitaxy were investigated. Capacitance-Voltage and Current-Voltage techniques were used to calculate the barrier ...
    • X-ray study of III-Nitride epitaxial layers 

      Akula, Aditya K (2007-12)
      Group III-Nitride semiconductors are currently under extensive investigation as promising materials for optoelectronic, high-temperature, and high-power devices due to properties such as large direct band gap, high thermal ...