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    • The Acquisition Law Specialty Program—Where Are We Going? 

      Moss, Frederick E.; Huffman, Walter B. (1985)
      There are few attorneys that specialize in acquisition law, and senior Army leadership requested that the Judge Advocate General (JAG) office become more involved in major acquisitions. In response, JAG increased training ...
    • Legal Assistance Items, September 1981 

      Alvarey, Joel R.; Huffman, Walter B.; Joyce, John F.; Grendell, Timothy J.; Heffelfinger, Harlan M. (1981-09)
      This short article covers various legal topics that may be of interest to military members and personnel, including subjects such as the validity of foreign divorce in Louisiana; the Truth in Lending Act and Cash Discount ...
    • Military Legal Practice Maxims: A Potpourri of Random Thoughts 

      Rosen, Richard D.; Sommerkamp, Kathryn (2001-06)
      The article is aptly described as a potpourri of random thoughts, consisting of twenty-four maxims for judge advocates to live by. These maxims offer guidance on how to be a truly effective judge advocate, on the appropriate ...