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    • Comparison of a Discontinuity with Various Patch Methods for Multilayer Insulation Blankets 

      Holmen, Jordan; Oberg, David; Anderson, Brent (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
      Multilayer Insulation (MLI) blankets used in passive thermal control for cryogenic and space applications require cutouts, slits, and features in order to conform to the shape of the structure to which they are being ...
    • Electro-optical measurement of transient insulator surface charging in vacuum 

      Mikkelson, Kenneth Allen (Texas Tech University, 1979-05)
      Electro-optical measurements of the electric field along insulator surfaces in vacuum during the few nanoseconds prior to insulator flashover have been performed. The Pockels effect in KDP and the Kerr effect in nitrobenzene ...
    • ExoMars 2020 LHPs: from the concept to the flight models 

      Prado-Montes, Paula; Campo, Saúl; García, Antonio; Torres, Alejandro; Munì, Manuela; Negri, Federica (47th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2017-07-16)
      Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) have been selected as the cornerstone solution for the ExoMars 2020 Rover Module (RM) thermal control. The RM LHPs include the switch function provided by the Vapor Modulation concept, which guarantees ...
    • High current, high vacuum surface discharges 

      Wester, Steven L. (1994-05)
    • Magnetic insulation of dielectric surfaces in vacuum using DC magnetic fields 

      Korzekwa, Richard A. (Texas Tech University, 1990-05)
      The influence of dc magnetic fields on dielectric surface breakdown in vacuum using pulsed test voltages is investigated. Predictions from the "saturated surface avalanche" breakdown model and the experimental results ...
    • Thermal Model Performance for the James Webb Space Telescope OTIS Cryo-Vacuum Test 

      Yang, Kan; Glazer, Stuart; Thomson, Shaun; Feinberg, Lee; Burt, William; Comber, Brian; Ousley, Wes; Franck, Randy (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
      The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), set to launch in early 2019, is currently undergoing a series of system-level environmental tests to verify its workmanship and end-to-end functionality. As part of this series, the ...