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    • A determination of the L/K capture of T 1 204 using a proportional x-ray spectrometer 

      Mattison, Frankie Delane (Texas Tech University, 1960-08)
      Not available
    • Customized Hough transform for segmentation of the cervical vertebrae in x-ray images 

      Otero, Abraham Tezmol (Texas Tech University, 2001-12)
      Coarse segmentation of cervical vertebrae in radiographic images is a difficult task that requires an effective segmentation procedure. Noise, occlusions and shape variability (including scale and rotation) are part of the ...
    • Radial-moment analysis for muonic x-rays 

      Ray, Asok Kumar (Texas Tech University, 1977-12)
      The crucial question to be answered in studying the radial shapes of spherical nuclei is: éxactly what parameter of the nuclear charge distribution is determined by each transition energy in muonic atoms? The measurement ...
    • Study of thin films using x-rays 

      Chandolu, Anilkumar (Texas Tech University, 2002-12)
      This thesis describes the experimental methods employed for the study of thin films grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) or using deposition processes like ebeam evaporation by x-ray diffraction and reflectivity. In ...
    • Thin film characterization by x-ray reflectivity 

      Grave de Peralta, Luis (Texas Tech University, 2000-12)
      There is a growing necessity for experimental techniques able to obtain a good characterization for thin films. X-ray specular reflectometry, a non-destmctive technique able to give resolution in the order of some A, has ...
    • X-ray preionization for triggering spark gaps 

      Ingram, Michael Wright (Texas Tech University, 1986-05)
      The use of a cold field emission flash x-ray tube for spark gap triggering is described, along with measurements of the ionization produced by the tube in nitrogen and argon. For the ionization measurements, the tube is ...