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    • Laboratory Simulation of Sublimating Planetary Surface Ices: Experiment Design and Thermal Considerations 

      Berisford, Daniel; Furst, Benjamin; Foster, Jeffrey; Poston, Michael; Schoelen, Dane; Sahu, Daniel; Hofmann, Amy; Hand, Kevin; Daimaru, Takuro (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
      We have constructed a set of experimental apparatus to simulate the thermal environment at the surface of icy moons. Most of these moons, such as Europa, have little or no atmosphere, and therefore no liquid phase of ...
    • Mars Ice House: Using the Physics of Phase Change in 3D Printing a Habitat with H2O 

      Ciardullo, Christina; Morris, Michael; Lents, Kelsey; Montes, Jeffrey; Yashar, Melodie; Rudakevych, Ostap; Sono, Masayuki; Sono, Yuko (46th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2016-07-10)
      Mars Ice House was the first place winner of NASA’s 2015 Centennial Challenge to 3D print a habitat for Mars using indigenous resources. Unlike most traditional design concepts making use of Martian regolith, Mars Ice House ...