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Design and construct the tools and furniture for your jewelry/metals/clay/painting/glass/etc studio using the cutting-edge technology of 3D Printing, CNC milling and Laser-cutting with an eye toward decentralized distribution, archival storage and administration of the files. A Linux-style model for the “OS of Making” is the only idea big enough to last and survive inevitable co-option. The means of cultural production must be freely accessible to all. Tools want to be free.


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    Magnetic Ring Display Stand
    (2018-10-14) Sean W Scully
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    Set of Ring Sizers
    (2019-07-08) Scully, Sean
    I had temporarily misplaced my fancy steel ring sizers. Then I found a model online that frustrated me, so I designed these in TinkerCAD. This includes US sizes 2 thru 15 with half-sizes in-between. Each model is printed separately and the large master ring is riveted together with 1.75mm filament rivet melted on each side. The torus rings are all a bit faceted, so I may go back and increase the number of sides at some point. But the faceting doesn't seem to affect their accuracy too much. There is a bit of shrinkage and inaccuracy involved but the most-used central sizes are the most accurate rings. I did include an .obj file for the size 8 for those that wish to experiment with the parts in TinkerCAD.
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    object 1
    (2019-07-03) Scully, Sean