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      Jin, Yufei; Knight, Thomas; Coble, Keith; Rejesus, Roderick (American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2006-05)
      TIlis article addresses the feasibility of implementing an experience-based premium nlte discount system in crop insurance. While adverse selection and moral hazllrd in crop insurnnce have been extensively studied in the ...
    • Food Calorie Intake under Grain Price Uncertainty in Rural Nepal 

      Rejesus, Roderick; Fang, Cheng; Pan, Suwen (Journal Family Economic Issues, 2009)
      This study evaluated the effects of grain output price uncertainty on the farm income of rural households and, consequently, how this uncertainty influenced caloric intake through changes in farm income. Using a national rural ...
    • Preference for Risk Management Information Sources: Implications for Extension and Outreach Programming 

      Baquet, Alan; Patrick, George; Coble, Keith; Jaramillo, Mauricio; Knight, Thomas; Rejesus, Roderick (Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 2008-04)
      This article examines farmers’ preferences for various risk management information sources. Our results suggest that information from risk management experts, in-depth materials studied on their own, and popular press ...