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    • An Economic-Engineering Modeling Approach for Cotton Ginning Costs 

      Ethridge, Don; Shaw, Dale L. (1978-01)
      A computerized model for estimating cotton ginning costs over a wide range of assumptions has been developed employing an economic-engineering or synthetic modeling technique. Resulting cost relationships are useful for ...
    • A Computerized Remote Access Commodity Market: TELCOT 

      Ethridge, Don E. (Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 1978-12)
    • New Developments in USDA's Cotton Grading and Market News 

      Ethridge, Don; Dickson, Paul R. (National Cotton Council of America, 1979)
      New approaches are being developed to improve the system for delivering cotton quality and market price information to the cotton industry. These include computerization of quality information, expanded use of market price ...
    • Ginmodel: Some Case-Study Applications 

      Sartin, Marvin O.; Childers, Roy E.; Ethridge, Don E.; Shaw, Dale L. (National Cotton Council of America, 1979)
      Three applications of an economic- engineering cost model for cotton gins, GINMODEL, are presented. Each application differs in its emphasis , but each was in response to a specific problem or question posed by a gin manager ...
    • Cottonseed Processing Costs and Returns Under Alternative Technologies: Saw Delintering Versus Hulling Undelintered Seed 

      Ethridge, Don E.; Hise, Billy R. (National Cotton Council of America, 1980)
      Since delintering in cottonseed oil mills is a large user energy and labor and is a major source of dust, hulling undelintered seed may be a feasible alternative to saw delintering. A simulation modeling approach was use ...
    • Cost of a Hypothetical Cotton Producation System: Closed Boll Cotton 

      Bargeron, J.D.; Brown, Roger S.; Ethridge, Don E.; Shaw, Dale E. (CAB International Publishing, 1981)
      Costs associated with a potential new production technology--closed boll cotton-- were estimated for Midsouth cotton used in producing medium-count yarn in a ring spinning mill. These costs were compared with costs associated ...
    • Economic Considerations: Imperatives of Market 

      Ethridge, Don; Brints, Calvin; Bronson, Robert; Ethridge, Dean (1981)
    • Assessment of New Technologies in Cotton Processing: A Report of Findings 

      Bragg, C.K.; Ethridge, D.E. (CAB International Publishing, 1982)
    • Hedonic Price Estimation for Commodities: An Application to Cotton 

      Davis, Bob; Ethridge, Don E. (Western Agricultural Economics Association, 1982-12)
      A model of hedonic prices- implicit prices of embodied quality attributes- was developed for cotton lint and the relative importance of various quality attributes were estimated with regression analysis from sample data ...
    • A Model for Cotton Variety Selection with Yield and Quality Considerations 

      Moore, Mark; Sudderth, Randy; Ethridge, Don (National Cotton Council of America, 1983)
      Researchers associated with development and testing of cotton varieties, as well as farmers themselves, are often unsure about the relative profitability of the various cotton varieties because the value of production is ...
    • Factors Infuencing the Value of Cotton Land in the Southern High Plains of Texas 

      Stoecker, Arthur L.; Ethridge, Don E.; Matthews, Ken H. (National Cotton Council of America, 1983)
      Crop production in the Southern High Plains of Texas has been dominated by cotton since acreage controls were abolished in the early 1970s and land values in the region are affected by the economic health of the cotton ...
    • Excess Capacity in Ginning: Is There Reason for Concern? 

      Myers, David; Ethridge, Don E. (National Cotton Council of America, 1984)
      The existence of excess capacity in the cotton ginning industry is well documented and has been identified as an efficiency issues of market structure in the industry and its efficiency implications. Evidence on market ...
    • Cotton Yields in the Sub-Areas of the Southwest 

      Stoecker, Arthur; Ethridge, Don; Neal, Tamera (National Cotton Council of America, 1984)
      Descriptions of cotton yields in the major sub-areas of the Southwest production region--High Plains, Rolling Plains, Lower Rip Grande, Coastal Bend, and Blackland-- are presented and trends and variation are examined. ...
    • Effectiveness of the Loan Programs For Increasing Net Prices to Cotton Farmers 

      Caillavet, Dewitt F.; Ethridge, Dean (National Cotton Council of America, 1985)
      This paper examines, for the last 10 crop years, spot cotton price movements after harvest versus the cost of holding cotton in the Commodity Credit Corporation's nonrecourse loan program. The purpose is to clarify the ...
    • An Economic Analysis of Sturctural Relationships in the U.S. Cotton Sector 

      Ethridge, Don E.; Roy, Sujit K.; Alipoe, Dovi-Akue (National Cotton Council of America, 1985)
      An econometric model was developed to represent the structural relationships of the U.S. cotton sector. The simultaneous equation model consisted of six endogenous variables including the domestic mill use of the U.S. ...
    • A Markov Chain Analysis of Structural Changes in TexasHigh Plains Cotton Ginning Industry 

      Myers, David M.; Roy, Sujit K.; Ethridge, Don E. (Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 1985-12)
      Markov chain analysis of changes in the number and size of cotton gin firms in West Texas was conducted assuming stationary and non-stationary transition probabilities. Projections of industry structure were made to 1999 ...
    • A Stochasitic Programming Anslysis of the Farm Level Implications of Soil Erosion Control 

      Taylor, Daniel B.; Kramer, Randall A.; Segarra, Eduardo (Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 1985-12)
      This paper analyzes the effects of uncertain soil loss in farm planning models. A disaggregated approach was used because of an interest in examining the impact of probabilistic soil loss constraints on farm level ...
    • Impact of Macroeconomic Policy on U.S. Cotton Producers 

      Babula, R.A.; Hughes, D.W.; Penson, J.B. (National Cotton Council of America, 1986)
      Many Cotton producers, like other farmers, are currently experiencing server financial stress. A contributing factor to deteriorating financial conditions in agriculture is the choice of marcoeconomic policies followed in ...
    • The Financial Conditon of Cotton Farmers 

      Bednarz, Curtis R.; Johnson, James D.; Hughes, Dean W. (National Cotton Council of America, 1986)
      Many farmers throughout the country are facing significant financial problems. Financial conditions vary, however, by type of commodity produced size of farm and region of the country. This paper presents the results of ...
    • Estimated Losses from Bark in Cotton Lint, Texas High Plains 

      Neeper, Jarral; Ethridge, Don (National Cotton Council of America, 1986)
      The occurrence of bark in cotton across the U.S. belt is examined and the problem in the southwest, especially in the Texas High Plains, is documented. As a percentage of U.S. cotton reduced in grade due to bark, the ...