This collection contains historical cookbook or cookbooks that can no longer circulate due to wear and tear on the material(s).

Recent Submissions

  • Money management: Your food dollar 

    Money Management Institute (Chicago, Illinois: Household Finance CorporationToronto, Ontario: Household Finance Corporation of Canada, 1960)
    Food markets today offer a variety of wholesome, nourishing foods at a wide range of prices. Many come in a number of forms ... both fresh and processed ... partly or fully prepared ... packed or packaged for convenient ...
  • Recipe book 

    The Cottage Industries Group (Dacca, East Pakistan: M. M. Ali Zeenath Printing Works, 1961)
  • Pancake recipes from around the world 

    Flanders, Carolynn (undated)
  • Souper ideas from soup kettle '76 

    The Lubbock Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta (Lubbock, Texas: Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, undated)
  • Dependable self-rising flour recipes 

    Home Economics Laboratory. Soft Wheat Millers' Association (Nashville, Tennessee: Soft Wheat Millers' Association, Inc., 1926)
  • Food is ammunition 

    Georgia Agricultural Extension Service (1943)
  • Food consumption habits of 145 Iowa farm families, the 

    Nelson, Mabel P.; Hoyt, Elizabeth E.; McLaughlin, Laura; Morgan, Ethel C. (Ames, Iowa: Agricultural Experiment Station, Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 1935-10)
    The food consumption habits of 145 Iowa farm families were studied from records of expenditures for food and of food produced by farms during one year. Forty-three families in the central part of the state near Ames, 49 ...
  • Jelly making 

    Winthrop College (Rock Hill, South Carolina: Winthrop College, undated)
  • Canning, preserving, pickling 

    U. S. Department of Agriculture (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1915-09-01)
  • Aunt Sammy's radio recipes 

    U. S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Home Economics (Washington, D.C.: United States Department of Agriculture, 1931)
  • Official tailgating cookbook, the 

    The Official Tailgating Cookbook Committee (Columbus, Ohio, undated)
  • Sunbonnet cookbook 

    Woman's Society of Christian Service; Palo Pinto Methodist Church (Palo Pinto, Texas, 1957)
  • Frozen foods 

    Reasonover, Frances L. (College Station, Texas: Texas A&M University, 1976)
  • Home canning 

    Baker, H. J. (Storrs, Connecticut: Connecticut Agricultural College, 1917-05)
  • Cornell reading courses: A canning business for the farm home 

    Nye, Claribel; Austin, Bessie E. (Ithaca, New York: New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University, 1913-09)
  • Mary L. Flournoy cook book 

    Flournoy, Mary L. (New York City, New York: The MacMillan Company, 1957)
  • Recipes of the southwest 

    Texas Electric Service Company (1967)
  • Adventures in herb vinegars 

    Mazza, Irma G. (Canaan, Connecticut: Home of Herbs Inc., 1944)
  • Sixteen cottage cheese recipes 

    Borden Kitchens (Medina, Ohio: Borden Kitchens, 1978)
  • Oriskany chapter O.E.S. 524 cook book 

    Oriskany Chapter No. 524 (Whitesboro, New York: Printall Company, 1955)

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