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    • 2017 Scholarly Publishing Report 

      Thomas, Camille; 0000-0002-0363-0126 (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2018-03-14)
      This the 2017 report on the services and impact of the Scholarly Publishing office at Texas Tech University Libraries. The office was called Scholarly Communication in 2016.
    • 3D Animation in the Academic Library: A New Frontier 

      Sweet, Robert; Brewer, James C. (Educause Conference Proceedings, 2008-02-20)
      The Texas Tech Library recently opened a robust, interdisciplinary 3D Animation Lab. If offers a highly innovative blend of emerging tools and resources that enable radically new endeavors in teaching, learning, research, ...
    • A completed ETD paradigm: The workflow from submission to preservation at Texas Tech University 

      Barba, Shelley E.; Yang, Le (2013-11)
      This paper discusses a complete ETD paradigm that has been developed at Texas Tech University over the past nine years, which includes the submission, publication, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations. ...
    • Academic librarians’ attitudes about civic- mindedness and service-learning 

      Barry, Maureen; Lowe, Laura A.; Twill, Sarah (University of Chicago Press, 2016-06-29)
      While discourse on the civic engagement of libraries as institutions is plentiful, there has been little discussion of librarians as individuals. Librarianship is more than being a trustee of information. It includes ...
    • Adapting Service Quality Concepts to Academic Libraries 

      Quinn, Brian A. (Elsevier Science, 1997-09)
      Some of the limitations and possibilities of the service quality model for academic libraries are discussed. The model was originally developed in a commercial environment and may require some adaptation to the noncommercial ...
    • Analysis of Fracturing Pressure Data in Heterogeneous Shale Formations 

      Alzahabi, Ahmed; Soliman, M.Y.; Wigwe, M.; Pirayesh, E.; Stegent, N. (hydraulic Fracturing Journal, 2014-04)
      Existing techniques for the interpretation of real-time fracturing data assumes that fracture propagation is a continuous power function of time, and that fractures propagate smoothly over time. This assumption implies ...
    • An Annotated Bibliography of LGBTQ Rhetorics 

      Cox, Matthew B.; Faris, Michael J. (Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, 2015)
    • Anxiety is not enough to drive me away: A latent profile analysis on math anxiety and math motivation 

      Wang, Zhe; Shakeshaft, Nicholas; Schofield, Kerry; Malanchini, Margherita (Plos One, 2018-02-14)
      Mathematics anxiety (MA) and mathematics motivation (MM) are important multi-dimensional non-cognitive factors in mathematics learning. While the negative relation between global MA and MM is well replicated, the relations ...
    • Apparel Design & Research 

      Anderson, Rachel; Shin, Su-Jeong Hwang (2010-09-13)
    • Apprenticeship Pilgrims and the Acquisition of Legitimacy 

      Griffith, Lauren Miller (Taylor & Francis, 2013-02-13)
      This research explores strategies used by non-Brazilian capoeiristas (practitioners of an Afro-Brazilian martial art) to claim legitimacy on the home turf of Brazilian capoeiristas. These individuals travel to Brazil ...
    • Architecture and Copyright 

      Schumacher, Sara; (2019-01)
    • Archivematica (AM): Possibilities here at TTU Libraries 

      Barba, Shelley E.; (2019-01-08)
      Report out on Archivematica Camp Texas in Houston Texas, and how Texas Tech University Libraries would be able to implement the program.
    • Archives And Automation: Issues and Trends 

      Weiner, Robert G. (1995-05)
      This paper focuses on the archives and automation and reviews literature on various topics concerning archives and automation. Topics include: resistance to technology and the need to educate about automation the change ...
    • Assessing the Quality of Psychotherapy Self-Evaluation Information on the Web 

      Quinn, Brian A. (Information Today, 2001)
      The World Wide Web now offers a vast and growing number of resources related to mental health that patients may utilize to manage their care. For those patients who are able to locate quality mental health information using ...
    • Automating Digital Collection Processes 

      Starcher, Christopher; Luttrell, Robert (2016-05-25)
      Processing digital collections is tedious and time consuming. It is also susceptible to human error. Although it is impossible to automate all digital collection creation processes, at the Texas Tech University Libraries, ...
    • Before Crisis: Gender and Economic Outcomes of the Two Largest Immigrant Communities in Spain 

      Brǎdǎţan, Cristina; Sandu, Dumitru (Wiley, 2012-03-20)
      In this study, we compare labor force outcomes of the two largest immigrant communities in Spain (Moroccans and Romanians) before the economic crisis hit. We are interested in understanding if and how gender influences the ...
    • Behavior under the Condition of Anonymity: a Visual Analysis 

      Schneider, Andreas; Turner, Tom (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
      Analyzing photographs of abandoned hotel rooms, we forensically classify hotel guests who left their rooms into three ideal types. Goffman’s idea of impression management is central for indicating ideal-type specific ...
    • Beyond Efficacy: The Exemplar Librarian as a New Approach to Reference Evaluation 

      Quinn, Brian A. (Springfield, 1994-06)
      Offers a new approach to evaluating reference librarians, as well as a new standard of evaluation based on a study of exemplary reference librarians that was conducted via electronic networks. Characteristics of exemplary ...
    • Black Folk Magic: An Autoethnography of Digitally Archiving Black Millennialhood 

      Thomas, Camille; 0000-0002-0363-0126 (American Library Association Editions, 2018)
      This chapter will serve as an outline for guidance on how information professionals can empower their communities to conduct personal digital archiving. It is part autoethnography, part how-to, and part environmental scan.
    • Book Raider: Connecting Patrons of Texas Tech University Libraries with Resources Anytime, Anywhere 

      Litsey, Ryan (Collaborative Librarianship Open Journal Systems, 2016-03-01)
      Given the mandate of Texas Tech University to expand its research mission, Texas Tech University Libraries developed new library services through the Book Raider project that allows patrons to use mobile apps to check ...