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    • All the Salty Sand in Our Mouths: A Collection of Original Poetry 

      Porawagamage, Samodh Thaveesha; 0000-0001-6281-5430 (2022-07-21)
      Poetry collections dealing with disasters are rare, even though the world has encountered numerous catastrophes since the 20th century. This dissertation shows that poets writing about disasters often tend to glorify, ...
    • Considering the forest: Analyzing defiance and complacency in Shakespeare's comedies 

      Milam, Mitchell Pearce; 0000-0002-4190-8619 (2020-05)
      My thesis aims to challenge the conventional scholarly conversation centered around Shakespeare's comedies. I argue that while Shakespeare taps into queerness in many of his comedy plays, he ultimately does this in order ...
    • Contemporary myth and meaning-making: Queer and post-colonial spaces 

      Long, Brittany (2021-05)
      Contemporary works of mythological rewriting, such as Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles showcase an increasing interest in reimagining specific myths for ...
    • Moon grammar 

      Porto, Matthew; 0000-0002-0449-8091 (2021-05)
      Moon Grammar is a collection of poems in a mix of the allusive Modernist and the personal contemporary styles with a critical introduction.
    • Mysteries 

      Epstein, Jasmine V. Bailey (2020-05)
      Mysteries is a hybrid collection of poems, nonfiction essays, and translated poems and essay with a critical introduction.