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    • Ensuring your success in law school 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (2010-11)
      Dean Jarmon discusses time management skills and different approaches to studying to ensure success in law school. Students who diligently study and work to truly understand course information all semester excel in law ...
    • Expand Your Legal Horizons This Summer 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2011-05)
      In this article, Professor Jarmon explores ways that law students can gain a competitive edge during their summer breaks. While many law students will be focusing solely on finding paid legal employment, this article ...
    • For Better or Worse: Evaluating Your Study Habits 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (2009)
      Professor Jarmon encourages students to evaluate their study habits and suggests a handful of questions students should ask themselves to analyze their habits.
    • How to Absorb Information to Make It More Memorable 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (2011-02)
      Absorption learning preferences indicate which formats are most advantageous to a specific learner. Students have to deal with a variety of presentation formats because they usually do not control the choice of course ...
    • How to Organize Information Effectively 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (2011-03)
      We need to process legal material thoroughly if we are to learn and retain it successfully. How we organize the material for learning is determined by our individual processing learning preferences. This article describes ...
    • If Exams Could Talk: Insights from Last Semeter 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2009)
      Professor Jarmon encourages students to review old exams and gives a short checklist of questions for the student to answer when reviewing the old exams.
    • It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Productive Summer “Vacation” 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2008)
      Dean Jarmon explains a couple ideas that first year and second year law students may want to consider in order to make their summer more productive.
    • Make a Smooth Transition to Law School 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2008-10)
      Professor Jarmon recommends how successful students can continue to be successful students in law by changing their study habits and techniques.
    • Making Smart Decisions for the Classroom 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2010)
      Law classes require different strategies than undergraduate classes because of format, content, and pace differences. Law professors rarely lecture because they expect students to understand basic concepts during class ...
    • Multitasking Helpful or Harmful? 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student lawyer, 2008-04)
      Professor Jarmon, recognizing that multitasking in law classrooms could be harmful, makes recommendations to limit such distractions.
    • Pratice Questions Make Perfect at Exam Time 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (2009)
      Professor Jarmon advises students to not only learn the black-letter law but to also do carefully chosen practice questions to better prepare for the final exam.
    • Start Your Exam Studying Early for Greater Success 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2008)
      Professor Jarmon advises students to learn in class rather than put off the studying to cram later in the semester.
    • Study Successfully with a Partner or Group 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2007)
      Professor Jarmon encourages law students to take advantage of study groups and gives advice on how to form it and what to do in the group.
    • Time is of The Essence for Smart Studiers 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2007)
      Professor Jarmon gives useful tips to law students on how to make time to study in law school.
    • A word to the wise about study aids 

      Jarmon, Amy L. (Student Lawyer, 2008-09)
      Professor Jarmon asks the reader to consider different points about buying commercial study aids.