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    • A Mighty Pulverizing Engine? The American Indian Probate Reform Act and the Struggle for Group Rights 

      Urteago, David (Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal, 2010)
      The tormented and perilous history of Native American rights’ in this country takes a complicated path through history. This conflict centers on land and property or more specifically, who has a right to inherit it. Early ...
    • The Military "Search Warrant" 

      Larkin, Murl A. (American University Law Review, 1966)
      Although it may be arguable that the guarantee of the Fourth Amendment to the federal constitution that people shall be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures is not a limitation upon the power granted to Congress ...
    • Military Justice in the Consumer Perspective 

      Benson, Daniel H. (Arizona Law Review, 1971)
      This article will examine critically the military's official perspective of military justice, including the affirmative deceptions practiced consciously or unconsciously by the military to reinforce that perspective. ...
    • Military Legal Practice Maxims: A Potpourri of Random Thoughts 

      Rosen, Richard D.; Sommerkamp, Kathryn (2001-06)
      The article is aptly described as a potpourri of random thoughts, consisting of twenty-four maxims for judge advocates to live by. These maxims offer guidance on how to be a truly effective judge advocate, on the appropriate ...
    • Military Searches and Seizures 

      Larkin, Murl A. (JAG Journal, 1976)
      This article is a portion of Chapter IX of the second edition of the book Military Evidence. The authors discuss searches and seizures as they relate to military law with a focus on the exclusionary rule, searches and ...
    • Military Technologies, Nanotechnology and Law: Using Nano-Science Fiction as an Analytical Tool 

      Sutton, Victoria (2010)
      The article addresses the domestic and international current and future issues associated with nanotechnology. The author applies Michael Crichton’s novel Prey to these issues as an example of how fictional stories can ...
    • The Millennial Brain and Risk 

      Dickerson, Darby (2008)
      New studies on brain development reveal that full development of the brain does not occur until an individual’s mid-twenties; this often means that traditional-age college students are more sensitive to high-risk behavior. ...
    • The Millennial Juror 

      Humphrey, Wendy A. (Texas Bar Journal, 2012-04)
      The impact the so-called “Generation Y” or “Millennial” population is having on society at large makes it more important than ever for lawyers to understand the effect that they are having on how to communicate with jurors. ...
    • “Mind”ing Your Business: Estate Planning Documents and the Levels of Capacity Required for Execution 

      Akers, Georgia (Texas Tech Estate Planning & Community Property Journal, 2010)
      Explores the various documents used in pre-death and post-death estate planning and what level of capacity is necessary to execute such documents. Documents such as powers of attorney for health care and durable powers of ...
    • Miranda Warnings Are Required in Border Strip- Search Interrogations Under A “Place of Interrogation” Theory 

      Connor, Elgin E. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1971)
      Analyzes the custodial situations that call for protection under Miranda at the border. For both custom situations and non-custom situations, the Courts use a test of several factors to determine if someone is in custody. ...
    • Miscellaneous of the First Trial 

      Benson, Daniel H. (1971)
      It contains the office file of Miscellaneous, 1971-1972, 1974, 1976-1979 and updated (327 leaves). It is a part of the first trial, 1971-1982 and updated (1072 leaves).
    • Miscellaneous of the Second Trial and Appeals 

      Benson, Daniel H. (1983)
      It contains the office file of Miscellaneous, 1983-1984 and updated (140 leaves). It is a part of Second Trial and Appeals, 1959-1984 and updated (652 leaves).
    • A Missed Opportunity to Improve Collateral Valuation Doctrine 

      Pan, Jason (Texas Tech Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal, 2014)
      This article discusses the two ways to realize the value of a business in light of the 2009 Chrysler reorganization. The article analyzes the use of Chapter 11 to negotiate a plan for restructuring a distressed business. ...
    • Missouri Uniform Securities Act 

      Bateman, Hal M. (Missouri Law Review, 1969)
      Despite the spectacular events of recent years in the field of federal securities law, the less glamorous arena of state securities regulation – better known as "blue sky laws" – continues to play an important and regular ...
    • Misuse Will Not Bar Recovery in Strict Liability Unless It Is the Sole Producing Cause of an Accident 

      Douglass, John R. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1976)
      Discusses Texas Civil Appeals Court case, General Motors Corp. v. Hopkins. Hopkins, who was rendered a quadriplegic after a pickup truck accident, sued both the manufacturer of the truck, General Motors Corp., and the ...
    • Mobile Banking: The Answer for the Unbanked in America? 

      Christopher, Catherine Martin (2016)
      This article suggests that the mobile phone can be used to provide basic banking services to underserved populations: the unbanked and the underbanked. The article explores the reasons why people do not use banking services, ...
    • Modern Applications of the Rule Against Perpetuities to Oil and Gas Transactions: What the Duke of Norfolk Didn't Tell You 

      Kramer, Bruce M. (Natural Resources Journal, 1997)
      The venerable Rule Against Perpetuities has been plaguing property lawyers for over 300 years. Oil and gas attorneys need to know the types of transactions which are covered by the Rule because as John Chipman Gray once ...
    • Modern Dictionary for the Legal Profession 

      Beyer, Gerry W. (William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2008)
      The Modern Dictionary for the Legal Profession contains over 8,000 modern terms and concepts from dozens of professions and careers, including banking, finance, investment, real estate, sales, accounting, insurance, oil ...
    • Modern Military Justice 

      Benson, Daniel H. (Catholic University Law Review, 1970)
      The current Uniform Code of Military Justice is the culmination of nearly 200 years of slow, painful evolution that is far from complete. What follows are some observations on Military Justice which are offered by working ...