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    • Polygraphic Evidence is Inadmissible in Texas Despite Stipulation by the Parties 

      Jennings, M. Charles (Texas Tech Law Review, 1973)
      Examines the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals case Romero v. State. The court in Romero held polygraphic evidence was not admissible as competent evidence despite a prior stipulation agreement between the parties. The author ...
    • Survey Federal Securities Law 

      Jennings, M. Charles (Texas Tech Law Review, 1975)
      Examines Fifth Circuits decisions on securities law during the 1974-5 court term. The survey discusses the changes and the possible errors the recent court made. Several of the more important cases this term provided the ...
    • Tender Offers: An Analysis of the Early Development of Standing to Sue Under Section 14(e) 

      Jennings, M. Charles (Texas Tech Law Review, 1974)
      Examines the development of the law of standing to sue under section 14(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The author concludes that the judiciary has failed to set out a well-reasoned precedent for the future; yet ...