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  • Extending Good Faith And Fair Dealing To Employment Contracts: A Proposal 

    Rasty, Rayne (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Analyzes the current status of the employment at-will doctrine in Texas and proposes a permanent modification of the doctrine based on an implied standard of good faith and fair dealing. The comment starts by tracing the ...
  • Exploring the Inconsistencies of Scrutinizing Expert Testimony under the Federal Rules of Evidence 

    Moore, Kimberly S. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Explores the inconsistencies of scrutinizing expert testimony. The author discusses the evolution and basics of expert testimony. The author also proposes a remedy that can serve as a basis for a solution, which will achieve ...
  • Executive Right In A Mineral Estate Is A Separate Interest In Real Property Subject To Property Law Principles 

    Cray, Kevin J. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Focuses on the Day & Co. v. Texland Petroleum case. It goes through the history and perspective of the executive right. The court decided in this case that the executive right in a mineral estate, even when severed from ...
  • Evidence 

    Schlueter, David A. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Addresses evidence cases in the fifth circuit during the survey period. The cases dealt with preservation of error, relevancy, witnesses, and hearsay. The author found that the court continues to follow deference to the ...
  • Environmental Law 

    Deatherage, Scott D. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews the decisions of the Fifth Circuit during the survey period, involving environmental law. There were seven major cases, which dealt with the Compensation and Liability Act, Clean Water Act, and the Toxic Substances ...
  • D'oench, Duhme Protections Extend To Private Parties Who Purchase A Failed Institution's Assets From The FSLIC: Porras v. Petroplex Savings Association, 903 F.2d 379 (5th Cir. 1990) 

    Welch, G. Douglas (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Focuses on the Porras v. Petroplex case dealing with the D’oench, Duhme estoppel doctrine. It starts by explaining the relationship between a private party and the FDIC and then a summary of the law before Porras. The ...
  • Deficiency Judgments Following Home Mortgage Foreclosure: An Anachronism That Increases Personal Tragedy, Impedes Regional Economic Recovery, and Means Little to Lenders 

    Mixon, John (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Focuses on foreclosure and deficiency procedures after the 1980 recession. It is separated into nine sections to break down the information. The author also advances several positions as to some of the problems in the law.
  • Criminal Procedure 

    Floyd, Timothy W. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Focuses on the death penalty cases decided by the Fifth Circuit during the period June 1989 through May 1990. It also briefly reviews miscellaneous cases in other areas of criminal procedure. The author finds that the ...
  • Criminal Law 

    Greenspan, Alan N. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews the decisions of the fifth circuit on criminal law. It primarily focuses on interesting cases during the period. The author does not state any sweeping conclusions since the article only focused on interesting cases ...
  • Clients Beware: Texas Courts Allow Discharged Attorneys to Recover In Full Under Contingent Fee Contracts 

    Adams, Craig N. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Addresses the Texas courts’ decision to allow a discharged attorney to recover under the contingent fee contract. The article starts with an overview of the attorney-client relationship. Concludes with a discussion on the ...
  • Civil Procedure 

    Trent, B. Keith; Roden, Russell H. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews developments in civil procedure during the survey period. It focuses on the application of Batson, Jurisdiction, Sanctions, and Forum non conveniens.
  • Bankruptcy 

    Pronske, Gerrit M. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Examines the bankruptcy cases decided by the fifth circuit between June 1989 and May 1990. The article discusses three cases: Sandy Ridge Dev. Corp. v. Louisiana Nat’l Bank, Palmer & Palmer, P.C. v. United States Trustee, ...
  • Banking Law 

    Hale, H. DeWayne (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews the banking cases decided by the fifth circuit between June 1989 and May 1990. The articles examines foreclosure procedure, illegal debt, and lender defenses. The articles concludes with a summary of the fifth ...
  • Antitrust 

    Beane, Jerry L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Examined the antitrust cases in the fifth circuit for the survey period. It discusses the Sherman Act on Monopolizing and its exceptions through the six cases the court decided. The author found that the decisions during ...
  • An Introduction to Federal Court Rulemaking Procedure 

    Baker, Thomas E. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Discusses the amendments to the rules of practice and procedure of federal courts. The Author tries to demystify the rulemaking procedure for practitioners.
  • Admiralty Law 

    Murphy, Edward J.; Brown, James T.; Liston, James T. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews the developments in admiralty and maritime law from the decisions of the Fifth Circuit. The Author analyzes developments in preemption, the longshore and harbor workers’ compensation, and remedies. The Authors ...
  • Administrative Law 

    Scaperlanda, Michael A. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1991)
    Reviews the decisions of the Fifth Circuit in two areas of administrative law. It starts with cases on agency interpretations of statutory mandates and follows with the Freedom of Information Act. The author found that the ...
  • Voting Rights 

    Allbritton, Terry E. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1990)
    Examines the Fifth Circuit opinion on voting rights during the survey period. The decisions covered a variety of issues such as the standard of review and the required proof in voting rights cases, the use of voting age ...
  • “Veneration” and Constitutional Change: James Madison Confronts the Possibility of Constitutional Amendment 

    Levinson, Sanford (Texas Tech Law Review, 1990)
    Discusses the history of the option and process of a Constitutional amendment as set out in Article V of the U.S. Constitution. The author focuses on Madison’s writings not only in the constitution itself but on the topic ...
  • Understanding our Political Heritage Preface to The Federalist Symposium 

    Sanders, Ted (Texas Tech Law Review, 1990)
    Preface to the Texas Tech Law Review’s The Federalist Symposium. Gives an introduction to The Federalist Papers and its importance to the development of the U.S. Constitution and our nation.

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