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  • Guest Post: Native American Exclusion as a Form of Paper Genocide 

    Sutton, Victoria (Law School Survey of Student Engagement, 2020)
    Discusses a problem in research in which researchers do not collect information specifically about Native Americans. The author states, “To avoid paper genocide, researchers have an obligation to be purposeful in their ...
  • Native Americans and Discriminatory Administration with Facially Neutral Rules 

    Sutton, Victoria (Yale Journal on Regulation, 2020)
    Examines a series of cases where administrative regulations on the face appear to be neutral but in practice are discriminatory. The focus of this blog post is on Native American cases exemplifying this practice.
  • Asynchronous, E-Learning In Legal Education: A Comparative Study With the Traditional Classroom 

    Sutton, Victoria (Syracuse Law Review, 2020)
    There is a lack of information on how online learning compares with the traditional class experience. Prof. Sutton decided to try to begin to fill the gap of empirical knowledge on e-learning in law schools and to formally ...
  • Six Fresh Ideas for a Class Day That Is Looking Stale 

    Soonpaa, Nancy (The Second Draft, 2020)
    Provides six recipes for "class shakes," each grounded in learning theory, wellness practices, and the like. These ideas will help the legal writing instructor to re-energize their class and devise new methods for teaching ...
  • Texas Mental Health Legislative Reform: Significant Achievements With More to Come 

    Shannon, Brian D. (Texas Tech Law Review Online Edition, 2020)
    This Article will discuss recent legislative and judicial initiatives, as well as focus on next steps. In particular, Section II of this Article will analyze several key legislative enactments intended to address some of ...
  • It’s “Executive Power,” Not “Executivish Power” 

    Murphy, Richard (The Journal of Things We Like (Lots), 2020)
    Prof. Murphy discuss how these two articles by Prof. Julian Davis Mortenson briefly explains executive power, what it entails, and what limits the writers of the Constitution may have had in mind. Overall, Prof. Murphy ...
  • Normalizing Struggle 

    Christpher, Catherine Martin (Arkansas Law Review, 2020)
    This Article examines and criticizes the ways legal academia treats law students’ academic struggle as a problem and suggests that legal educators reorient their attitudes toward struggle by forgiving and embracing student ...
  • Developing ALLStAR with Community Participation 

    Baker, Jamie J. (AALL Spectrum, 2020)
    Discusses the challenges, successes, and future of the new library research survey instrument (ALLStAR) and its dependence on law library community support. ALLStAR is a database of law library statistics. The ALLStAR ...
  • Case Law Update 

    Benjet, Bryce; Pearsall, Patrick; Vandiver, Leigh; Kraatz, Megan; Hall, Zachary; DuBose, David; Dinsmoor, Claire; Beavers, Alessandra (Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal, 2007)
    Includes many of the administrative law cases decided between August 2006 and July 2007. This is not an exhaustive review of all administrative law cases, and these synopses do not exhaustively cover all issues being raised ...
  • In Memoriam: Alvin R. Allison 

    Unknown author (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    A memorial for Alvin R. Allison one of the major forces behind the creation of the Texas Tech Law School. Discusses various contributions to the law school that Allison made to ensure that the law school was successful.
  • Foreword 

    Reavley, Thomas M. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Provides an overview of the work and events that occurred during the year ending June 30, 1987. Discusses the workload and problems that emerged during this work year as well as expressing appreciation to the Texas Tech ...
  • Voting Rights 

    Davis, Martha S. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Surveys recent Fifth Circuit decisions involving voter rights, comparing them with and contrasting them against contemporary United States Supreme Court decisions on the subject. The author notes that the Fifth Circuit’s ...
  • Toward a Dignified Theory of Children: Prohibition of Collaborative Reproduction 

    White, Timothy L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    This comment argues for the abolition of surrogacy agreements. The author maintains that such agreements are patently immoral, adversely affect the rights and interests of unborn children, and erode the value society places ...
  • The Power of Limited Partners to Remove and Replace the General Partner of a Limited Partnership 

    Hooker, Kenneth (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Tackles the issue of whether some majority of partners in the context of a limited partnership may remove and replace the general partner under Texas law. Provisions within limited partnership agreements will generally ...
  • The Mail and Wire Fraud Statute’s Protection of Property Extends to Intangibles Such As Confidential Business Information: Carpenter v. United States, __ U.S. __, 108 S. Ct. 316, 98 L. Ed. 2d 275 (1987) 

    Tankersley, Scott C. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Examines the recent Supreme Court decision in Carpenter v. United States, in which the Court held that the timing and contents of a newspaper column were protected from misappropriation by newspaper employees under the ...
  • The First Amendment 

    Childress, Steven Alan (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Looks at the recent and contentious Fifth Circuit decision in Herceg v. Hustler Magazine, Inc., 814 F.2d 1017 (5th Cir. Apr. 1987), cert. denied, (U.S. Mar. 21, 1988) (No. 87-113), and the holding’s implications for the ...
  • The El Paso Court of Appeals Upholds Granting of Custody Based on the Sex of the Child: Gay v. Gay, 737 S.W.2d 94 (Tex. App—El Paso 1987, writ denied) 

    Workman, Robin (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Scrutinizes the El Paso court of appeals decision in Gay v. Gay, in which the court found that consideration of the sex of the child in the granting of custody does not violate the Texas Family Code. After briefly reviewing ...
  • The Discriminatory Use of Peremptory Challenges in Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Review 

    Patton, Timothy (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Batson v. Kentucky eliminated the use of peremptory challenges in criminal prosecutions to dismiss potential jurors on the basis of race. The author examines the principles that ...
  • Texas Adopts the “Subordination” Rule to Solve Circular Priority Disputes Involving Personal Property: ITT Diversified Credit Corp. v. First City Capital Corp., 737 S.W.2d 803 (Tex. 1987) 

    Rasmussen, Blake Elliot (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    Examines the predicate for and implications of the recent Texas Supreme Court decision in ITT Diversified Credit Corp. v. First City Capital Corp., in which the Court established the subordination rule as its method for ...
  • Securities 

    Folladori, Marc H.; Stinemetz, S. Douglas (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
    A survey of contemporary Fifth Circuit decisions involving securities law. During the survey period, the court was presented with such fundamental issues as what constitutes a “security,” the definition of a “seller” of ...

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