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    • Bankruptcy 

      Pronske, Gerrit M.; Neligan, Patrick J., Jr. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Surveys several Fifth Circuit bankruptcy decisions in the wake of an incredible upsurge in filings in the late 1980s. The author examines the court’s application of the doctrine of res judicata, its interpretation postpetition ...
    • Avoiding the Mechanical Dust Bowl: The Need for a Modified Surface Destruction Test 

      Hanna, David Robert (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Examines the history and purpose of the surface destruction test in Texas mineral estate law. The author scrutinizes Texas-specific difficulties with implementing the test, the confused jurisprudence on this issue in Texas ...
    • Antitrust 

      Beane, Jerry L. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Surveyed five recent Fifth Circuit decisions involving federal antitrust laws. The author argues that while these decisions did not modify antitrust laws to a significant degree, they continued a seeming trend toward a ...
    • Annulment of Minor’s Marriage Reinstates Duty of Parent to Pay Child Support: Fernandez v. Fernandez, 717 S.W.2d 781 (Tex. App.—El Paso 1986, writ dism’d) 

      Gray, Brenda Seale (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Examines the decision in Fernandez v. Fernandez, in which the El Paso appellate court ruled that a father must resume child support payments upon the annulment of his minor daughter’s marriage. The author examines the ...
    • An Implied Warranty of Good and Workmanlike Quality Extends to the Repair and Modification of Existing Tangible Goods: Melody Home Manufacturing Co. v. Barnes 

      Adams, Caroline (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Explores the trend in Texas courts to broaden section 17.50(a)(2) of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which covers the breach of implied warranties. Appellate decisions have extended an implied warranty to consumers ...
    • Admiralty 

      Green, J. Martin; Nicholas, Robert H. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      A survey of recent Fifth Circuit decisions relative to admiralty law. The authors subdivide these decisions into several categories, which include procedural issues, personal injury and death, indemnity and contribution, ...
    • Administrative Law and Procedure 

      Peel, Sherry Lynn (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      A survey of Fifth Circuit opinions relative to questions of administrative law. Irrespective of whether the issue presented was jurisdictional or procedural in nature, the Court decided each case with deference to preexisting ...
    • A Perspective on the Moral Responsibility of Lawyers 

      Reavley, Thomas M. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Fifth Circuit Judge Thomas Reavley offers his perspective on the disconnect between the public’s perception of lawyers and the myriad rules of personal and professional conduct that govern the profession. The author writes ...
    • A Logical Look at Special Issues Conflicts 

      Saunders, Kevin W. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1988)
      Special issue submission is one of four possible methods of submitting a case to a jury. This article posits that formal logic is helpful in analyzing special issue conflicts, particularly with respect to complex cases ...
    • Reconciling Defamation Law and the Free Enterprise System when the Media Provides Consumer or Investor Information 

      McChrystal, Michael K. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Discusses how the courts should reconcile defamation lawsuits when the media provides consumer or investor information. The author concludes that, those who come to the forefront of a public controversy and are defamed in ...
    • Title 4. Protection of the Family 

      Alexander, Leota H. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Provides commentary for Title 4 of the Texas Family Code while discussing some family violence prevention-related sections from the Texas Penal Code and Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. The commentary details the changes ...
    • Title 3. Delinquent Children and Children in Need of Supervision 

      Farabee, Ray; Hazelwood, Mel (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Provides commentary for several provisions of Title 3 to the Texas Family Code. Commentary includes history, changes made, and more.
    • Title 2. Parent and Child 

      Sampson, John J. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Provides commentary on Title 2 of the Texas Family Code. Commentary includes discussions on the history, amendments, cases, unanswered questions, and more.
    • Title 1. Husband and Wife 

      McKnight, Joseph W. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Provides commentary to Title 1 of the Texas Family Code. Commentary includes amendments, history, applicability, and more.
    • The Texas Statutory Right to Jury Trial in Child Custody Cases: Its Constitutionality Remains Unresolved 

      Baron, Roger M. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Analyzes the statutory right to a jury trial in child custody cases in Texas through cases that have challenged the constitutionality of the statute. The article discusses the rulings by the courts of appeals and details ...
    • The Texas Corporate Survival Statute: An Endangered Species? 

      Johnson, Henry F. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Discusses section 7.12 of the Texas Business Corporations Act and section 2.07 of the Texas Miscellaneous Corporation Laws Act. The article analyzes these two statutes in terms of their procedural nature and their ...
    • The Texas Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties 

      Harrington, James C. (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Discusses the expansion of how state courts are granting more constitutional liberties to their citizens in response to recent United States Supreme Court decisions limiting these rights. The article is an overview of ...
    • The First Amendment 

      Childress, Steven Alan (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      A survey of first amendment cases decided by the Fifth Circuit during the 1984-1985 survey period. Topics include free speech for student organizations, judicial review in libel actions, commercial speech, and future disputes.
    • The Economics of Rent Control—A Texas Perspective 

      Malloy, Robin Paul (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Examines the economics of rent controls and explains how rent controls have impacts in Texas. The article discusses basic market considerations, rent controls, and the extended impact of local rent control policies.
    • The Discovery Rule Dies In A Medical Malpractice Case 

      Porter, Diana (Texas Tech Law Review, 1986)
      Details a case by the Texas Supreme Court which held that the passage of the Medical Liability and Insurance Improvement Act abolished the discovery rule for medical malpractice cases and established an absolute two-year ...