PIUME: In space as on earth, on earth as in space



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50th International Conference on Environmental Systems


When humans live and work in extreme conditions, vital resource must be managed with extreme care. International Space Station (ISS) today, Moon and Mars surface outposts tomorrow provide an inspiring approach for new solutions on earth.

PIUME (Portable Independent Utilities and Modules for Extreme conditions) stems from our experience and heritage in human spaceflight systems and technologies now flying on ISS, including pressurized habitats, systems, and utilities necessary to sustain life. PIUME is the next-generation product line for habitability and affordable management of all necessary resources to accommodate living in remote areas and inhospitable environments. Concepts and solutions currently utilized for in-space human living inspire terrestrial applications, and viceversa.

PIUME provides life support capabilities in extreme conditions through a multi-functional system based on six primary utilities: Water management and recycling, Thermal control, Air control and regeneration, Power management and distribution, Telecommunications and system monitoring. These functional blocks are modular, with standard size, shape and interfaces, designed for easy integration and fast deployment. Different blocks can be combined into a single integrated system according to specific user needs to guarantee autonomy and re-usability.

PIUME, with its integrated approach, represents a differentiator with respect to other solutions available on earth market on key factors as: safety, reliability, connectivity, adoption of renewable energy and water recycling.

Earth applications currently under study are Oil and Gas, Maritime and Mining exploration activities, similar in size to space missions. Other potential use cases for PIUME include: space analogue missions, sub-sea exploration or scientific research stations in extreme climates. Thanks to its scalability, PIUME features a growing capability towards applications on larger platforms. In return, we believe that the deployment of PIUME in a terrestrial context will generate returns for developing habitats and integrated solutions for managing resources in space exploration applications, in particular on the surface.


Gabriele Cecchini, Thales Alenia Space
Cesare Lobascio, Thales Alenia Space - Italia
Pau Vidal-Peir�, Universitat Polit�cnica de Catalunya
ICES502: Space Architecture
The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held virtually on 12 July 2021 through 14 July 2021.


International Space Station, Modular, Reconfigurable, Standardized, Integrated, Living space, Rugged, Autonomy, Ease of use and care, Plug and play, User friendly, Water recycling, Thermal control, Control and regeneration of air, Power management and distribution, Telecommunications and System monitoring and data processing