An archaeological examination of lifeways at Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, Real County, Texas (41RE1)



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Texas Tech University conducted excavations in the summer of 2017 and 2018 at Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz in Camp Wood Texas. San Lorenzo, occupied by Spanish residents and the Lipan Apache, was open from 1762 to 1770. This unsanctioned mission represented the beginning of the end of the mission era in Texas. The resulting excavations produced cultural materials from two midden features that are evaluated in this thesis. Data recovered from both middens provide insight into Native and Spanish foodways, and the mission’s reliance on local resources. The interpretation of midden features such as those investigated at Mission San Lorenzo is vital for our understanding of mission life and especially informative for a mission that was never authorized by the Spanish government.



San Lorenzo, Spanish Colonial, Texas, Mission, Midden