Spectroscopy of even-parity states of molecular hydrogen



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The dynamic behavior of the even parity states of molecular hydrogen is examined by Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy-Time Of Flight (RIS-TOF} spectroscopy. This is the first time that the autoionization and predissociation yields of individual s and d Rydberg states are detected separately. This is accomplished by first exciting the molecular hydrogen to the B(v=O,J} state by tunable narrow band VUV radiation. This prepares the molecular hydrogen for the next excitation step into the s and d Rydberg series using tunable UV radiation. The s and d Rydberg series are scanned from high principal quantum numbers (n=28} to well above the ionization limit. Then the H+ and H2+ products of the processes of autoionization, induced electric field ionization and predissociation are monitored separately. The dynamics observed are directly detected by the separation of the positive atomic and molecular ions. The observed Rydberg states produced from an excitation from B 1~·(v=0,J=2,3} as the initial state are seen for the first time. In all cases, we observe the effect of perturbing states on the dynamics of the highly excited Rydberg states. Some of these perturbing states are being identified for the first time.



Hydrogen -- Spectra, Molecular dynamics