Multidimensional Quality Attributes and Input in Cotton




Bronson, Kevin
Segarra, Eduardo
Wang, Chenggang
Zhao, Shiliang

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This paper uses an ordered logit model to examine the relationship between lint attributes and water and nitrogen inputs in cotton production. The ordered logit model is used because lint attributes are valued by grade and best defined as ordered categorical variables. Our data were obtained from a three-year experiment in a 48-ha center pivot field in a terminated-rye conservation tillage cotton system in Lemesa, Texas. We found that irrigation can increase the chance that lint has better elongation and color but, on the other hand, reduce the chance that lint has better micronaire and length attributes. Nitrogen was found to increase the chance of improved length and degraded color in cotton lint.




Zhao, S., C. Wang, E. Segarra, K. Bronson. "Multidimensional Quality Attributes and Input Use in Cotton." Beltwide Cotton Conference, 2010.