St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Lubbock, Texas



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TTiesis Statement: Since Vatícan II, the Catholic Church has allowed a certain level of freedom in the way its architecture has been designed. This freedom has allowed its church architecture to stray away from many of the traditions and values on which the Catholic Church was founded and developd. The tradition and inherent values of the Catholic Church should be expressed by the architecture that represents it. Facility Statement: In the Catholic Church, a church is the House of God, the domus ciei and the parish as a whole should be an expression of the City of God. By integrating the traditional values, telationships, and meaning, I intend to design a Catholic Church, as well as, the master plan for the parish. Context Statement: This new Catholic Church will be designed to be St. Elizabeth's University Parish to be sited east of Texas Tech University on Broadway Street in Lubbock, Texas.



Catholic church buildings, Church architecture, Lubbock (Tex.)