The daily walk: Christianity in business organizations

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Texas Tech University

The purpose of the following study was to understand how Christian businesspersons experience faith in their organizations. Research over business and religion reveals these to entities as separate and almost mutually exclusive (Cavanah, 1999; Stebbins, 1997; McDevitt & Hise, 2002; Agle & Van Buren, 1999; Atkin, 2003). Through the use of focus groups, this study applied a grounded theory approach to determine how persons within an organization and among its culture incorporate Christianity into their workday. The findings revealed an explanation of the daily life of Christians in the workplace and their difficulties as well as multiple guidelines for Christian businesspersons to follow in order to successfully incorporate Christianity into the daily walk in an organization.

Christianity -- Economic aspects, Focus groups, Evangelistic work -- Sociological aspects, Christian ethics, Business ethics, Gossip, Christianity and other religions, Identification (Religion)