The vision we share: Identification of Call of Duty's militaristic messages

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Videogames have become a large part of American culture but the study of the medium is relatively space when compared with other media. Speficially, there is a lack of rhetorical analysis of the persuasive messages embedded within videogames. This thesis is a rhetorical analysis of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare using a Burkean analysis and a critical analysis to determine that Modern Warfare’s use of the first-person perspective to invite players to identify with the messages presented within the gameplay and story of the series. Using Ian Bogost’s notions of procedural rhetoric to study gameplay choices and theories of visual rhetoric to study the images of the game, this analysis contends that the Modern Warfare series use of militaristic messages could lead to bad implications. Finally, alternatives within contemporary games provide other options for scholars and players alike to enjoy and study.

Rhetorical analysis, Videogames, Burke, Kenneth