Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, the, Vol. XXXII: History of British Columbia 1792-1887



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San Francisco: The History Company



v. 1-5. The native races. 1882.--v. 6-8. History of Central America. 1882-87.--v. 9-14. History of Mexico. 1883-87.--v. 15-16. History of the north Mexican states and Texas. 1884-89.--v. 17. History of Arizona and New Mexico. 1889.--v. 18-24. History of California. 1542-1890.--v. 25. History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming. 1890.--v. 26. History of Utah. 1889.--v. 27-28. History of the northwest coast. 1884.--v. 29-30. History of Oregon. 1886-88.--v. 31. History of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. 1890.--v. 32. History of British Columbia. 1887.--v. 33. History of Alaska. 1886.--v. 34. California pastoral. 1888.--v. 35. California inter pocula. 1888.--v. 36-37. Popular tribunals. 1887.--v. 38. Essays and miscellany. 1890.--v. 39. Literary industries. 1890.


British Columbia History, North America History