Shale Gas Plays Screening Criteria “A Sweet Spot Evaluation Methodology




Alzahabi, Ahmed

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Prepared to submitted to Fracturing Impacts and Technologies Conference


This work introduces a new approach developed for shale gas plays screening criteria. The proposed algorithm takes into consideration thickness, depth, TOC, maturity, brittleness, mineral composition, total porosity, net thickness, adsorbed gas, gas content, and geologic age, to get similarity with existing shale plays in database. A database for shale plays properties is established to feed the algorithm with the data needed. The output of this study has an important value to evaluate any shale play and to suggest future development strategies. The objective of this work is to provide a guiding database for major productive shale plays in North America and list all possible potential, also to reach guidelines to identify the sweet spots in unconventional resources. In North America alone, more than 70 shale-gas-plays have been identified. Shale plays identification is subject to many screening processes like certain ranges of porosity, permeability and brittleness, a new identification approach is developed to differentiate among shale gas plays in North America. Sweet Spot, identification operationally approved method help increase the potentiality of existing shale natural gas accumulations recovery.


Conference paper


Shale Plays, Sweet Spot Identification