Implementation of BCWT in GUI wavelet toolbox



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ABSTRACT MATLAB has different tools available for Image processing applications such as Image processing toolbox, Wavelet Toolbox etc. The Wavelet Toolbox has different GUI interfaces in it for various wavelet applications which can be accessed by the command ‘wavemenu’. For Image Compression the Wavelet Toolbox has a GUI tool named True Compression 2D. It can also be accessed by the command ‘wc2dtool’. The user can also access a command line function instead of GUI toolbox using the command ‘wcompress’. The toolbox and the command line function have different compression algorithms available for compressing images such as EZW, SPIHT etc. The user can select the desired method for a particular application and compress the images.
The BCWT Compression algorithm is proposed by Jiangling Guo is advantageous than some of the existing algorithms in the Wavelet toolbox such as EZW, SPIHT etc. BCWT algorithm is less complex, fast and uses less memory than EZW and SPIHT. BCWT is added to the available compression algorithms in the toolbox and the command line function such that user can access it similar to the other compression methods. BCWT is made simple to all the users by integrating it into the GUI Wavelet Toolbox.



Image compression, Backward coding of wavelet trees (BCWT), Graphical user interface (GUI) wavelet toolbox, Command line