The political philosophy of Gustavo Gutierrez



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Texas Tech University


Gustavo Gutierrez, a Peruvian Roman Catholic priest and theologian, is one of the most recognized proponents of the religio-political movement known as Liberation Theology. Born of frustrations over the failure of many nations in Latin America to achieve a socially equitable level of economic, political and social development. Liberation Theology represents a radical religious response, analysis and critique of existing conditions in the region.

This study examines the radical foundations of Gutierrez's works, in particular, his reliance upon the work of critical theorists such as Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx. Gutierrez's works are analyzed from the perspective of Eric Voegelin, a dedicated critic of the secular thought of both Hegel and Marx. This present study utilizes Voegelin's thought to construct an analytical matrix with which to examine the work of Gutierrez. It is argued that, based on this examination, Gutierrez does not fall victim to the "gnostic" temptations to which both Hegel and Marx ultimately succumbed in Voegelin's judgment.



Teología de la liberación, Política -- Filosofía, Voegelin Eric -- 1901-, Theologians -- Peru, Iglesia católica -- Doctrina y controversia, Religión y política, Criticism and interpretation, Gutiérrez Gustavo -- 1928, Liberation theology