In Drought, A Storm Brews: DFCs and the Oil and Gas Exemption



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Texas Tech Law Review


Discusses the regulatory environment in Texas as it relates to groundwater acquisition for oil and gas operations. Later focuses on how the desired future condition process may affect exempt groundwater wells used to supply rigs actively engaged in hydraulic fracturing and whether a groundwater conservation district could limit production from such an exempt water well.



Oil and gas exemptions, Water demand for fracing, Groundwater law in Texas, Absolute ownership, Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs), GCD permitting authority, Exemptions from permit, Wells for domestic and livestock use, Wells for certain oil and gas activities, Wells for certain coal mining activities, Qualifications to the exemptions


Carl R. Galant, In Drought, A Storm Brews: DFCs and the Oil and Gas Exemption, 44 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 817 (2011-2012)