Lake Travis-Haven


Architecture is the embodiment and expression of the ^Genius Loci.' 'Genius Loci* is the spirit or character of a place. (Casey. Getting Back Into Place) This Spirit is t h e CSSCnCC o f a plaCC and its surroundings. The whole project should express the essential quality of its setting and function. The facilit> is organized around the way people come and go to the building, the way people use the building, and they interact in its spaces The embodiment of this theory would be realized in a natural context, near a vibrant city. Lake Travis, outside of Austin, Texas is such an environment. The large size of the lake enables it to retain unpopulated, natural areas; while its proximity to a large urban area can support a modest hotel and marina complex. The facility would contain a marina with 75-100 slips, a restaurant with 270 seats, and a small hotel with 100 rooms.



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