An international cultural center and historical museum of immigration for Ellis Island, New York



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An island that began as a spit of land in the New York Harbor and became the threshold to America for millions of immigrants will one day become An International Cultural Center and Historical Museum of Immigration. During the sixty-two years of its operation, it has seen pathos, tragedy, startling contrast, and unexpected humor. Many races and conditions of men that came here learned to adjust to each other. On November 24, 1954 the island was closed for the l ack of immi grants and became government surplus property. Valued at six million dollars, thirty-five buildings have remained on the island. The buildings will be revived by interested tourist and will te transported on the 11Ellis Island'', t he same ferry which served the immi g r ants. The island itself qualifies fully as a living museum of immi gration and the cultures of the immigrants .• After the initial restoring cost, the island will be self-sufficient through admission fees. Restoration will be done in six phases to help with the enormous cost of such a project. Financing will be through congressional appropiations, however, the island will remain under the control of the General Services Administration (GSA).



Architecture, Museum buildings -- Design, Historical museums, Emigration and immigration, Ellis Island (N.J. and N.Y.)