An examination of the anti-foreign attitude in the United States between 1919 and 1929, based upon the periodical literature of the time



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The purpose of this thesis is to study various aspects of anti-foreign feeling in America during the nineteen-twenties and to determine reasons for these attitudes by examining articles in periodical literature of the time. Over two hundred sixtyfive articles from twenty-six different periodicals, as well as government documents and some of the better-known books concerning American immigration were consulted in researching this topic. Most of the information used came directly from periodical literature published between 1919 and 1929. Since a large majority of the anti-foreign sentiment voiced during the twenties was directed against immigrants, the matter of American immigration will receive the major emphasis of this thesis.



Immigrants -- United States, Nativism, Aliens -- United States, Prejudices -- United States, United States -- Emigration and immigration