The Future of Estate Planning: The Multigenerational Life Plan



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Texas Tech Estate Planning & Community Property Journal


Proposes that traditional estate planning is only a small subset of a life plan, and every estate plan should be designed to deal with multigenerational issues and asset protection. Six areas exist that are often forgotten but need to be discussed when creating a life plan. Firearms, Digital Assets, Asset Protection, Life Planning, Controlling from the Grave, and Pets are extremely important in today’s society to estate planning. If an Estate Planner forgets those points when planning an estate, it can lead to much heartache and worry for the loved ones of clients.



Estate planning, Firearms, Digital assets, Asset protection, Life planning, Controlling from the grave, Pets, Client, Rule against perpetuities


David Goldman & Charles Jamison, The Future of Estate Planning: The Multigenerational Life Plan, 5 Est. Plan. & Cmty. Prop. L. J. 1 (2012).