A resort hotel in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico


Theory Statement: Contemporar/ Architecture expressed as a metaphor of the Paquime Culture, Theory Paragraph: Histor/ is one of the most significant traditions in Mexico. The roots of our ancestors still live in the present culture. It is expressed through the ceremonies, folks, arts, foods, and architecture. It is important to distinguish what was successful in past generations and to use them as examples in our lives. The Paquime Indians in Chihuahua have been of great importance in Northern Mexico. They had architecture that shows advanced knowledge in planning, engineering, and organization. Their daily tools ore now considered important works of art. Only through the study of this Prehispanic Culture can we achieve on architectural quality of the same level as the Paquime Indians. Context and Facility: Cases Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico is close to the site for the ruins of the Paquime Indians, a unique area, which holds true feelings of tranquility and peacefulness. This tribe developed unique architectural features such as 4 story high rammed earth walls, T-shaped doors, an inter-city potable water system, ceremonial mounds, and ball courts. Casas Grandes is at a short distance, by train or highway, from the Sierra Madre and the Basaciachi waterfall, two very distinguishable areas in Mexico. The construction of a Resort Hotel would be of great importance because the past culture would be studied and at the same time one could enjoy the pureness of nature. The perfect get-away area for the traveler seeking to discover the importance of the Paquime culture.



Architecture, Hotels -- Mexico -- Design and construction, Resort architecture