Critical examinations of Mexican American discursive spaces: The emergence of visionary rhetoric, Latin@ vernacular discourse, and Latin@ epideictic in everyday life



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In this twofold examination, I provide rhetorical analysis of Chicanas Speak Out: Women: New Voice of La Raza by Mirta Vidal, and in collaboration with Dr. Amy N. Heuman, we provide critical cultural analysis of the Aztlán Mural in Lubbock, Texas through Latino/a visual epideictic rhetoric. Within each analysis, the intersectionality of race, struggle, and Latino/a presence is explored through the cultural renderings of text and community art. Each study highlights the importance of honoring how Latino/a spaces and places rhetorically communicate their complex history of struggle, marginalization and subjugation through a visionary rhetoric and ethnic pride. These studies contribute to our field by extending the transformative theoretical framework of Chicana critical rhetoric and Latino/a visual epideictic rhetoric.



Visionary Rhetoric, Discursive Space, Chicana Feminism, Autohistoria, Conocimento