Idea generation in brainstorming and turn-taking groups: Differences in idea quantity, quality, and task perceptions



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Texas Tech University


This dissertation is the first to directly compare the production of turn-taking groups to brainstorming groups. The utility of turn-taking had been compared to an idea generation technique called synectics (Bouchard, 1972 ) and to computer-aided brainstorming (Gallupe, Cooper, Grise & Bastianutti, 1994). The data from these studies suggested that turn-taking may yield a greater number of ideas per group than brainstorming. The production of both small (four participants) and large (seven to ten participants) groups was evaluated for quantity and quality under two topic conditions. Participants' task perceptions were also measured.

Participants in turn-taking groups produced a greater number of ideas per group than participants in brainstorming groups. Participants in large groups produced more ideas per group than participants in small groups. However, when output is measured on a per-person criteria, small groups performed better than large groups.



Creative thinking, Communication in small groups, Brainstorming, Group problem solving