Work values and work motivations of hospitality students as compared to those of home economics students



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Texas Tech University


Few studies have been concerned with the work values and the work motivations among college students. Values are the determinants of motivations. The work values and the work motivations are individual characteristics. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were performed in this study. Three out of eight work motivations, achievement behavior, time perspective and partner's choice, were distinctive between the RHIM (Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management) and the HE (Home Economics) students- Five out of fifteen work values, altruism, economic returns, independence, achievement and management, discriminated the RHIM students from the HE students. This indicates that the work values and the work motivations are not only personal characteristics but also occupational characteristics as well. The great similarities between the RHIM and the HE students indicate that RHIM programs are properly housed in the College of Home Economics.



Employee motivation, Texas Tech University. College of Home Economics -- Students, Work, Values, Texas Tech University. Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management -- Students