Set up for success or set up for harm? Untangling the relationship between sexist attitudes and contemporary norms of femininity among college women



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Guided by feminist thought, the present study examined relationships between sexist attitudes and contemporary feminine norms among 641 college women within the wider context of post-feminist sensibilities (i.e., belief that equality between men and women has been achieved). Although college women in the sample endorsed both hostile and benevolent sexism, the Structural Equation Model (SEM), revealed that benevolent sexist attitudes were more strongly linked with conforming to contemporary feminine norms. The strongest relationship was between benevolent sexism and feminine norm of romantic relationships. Implications from the findings suggest that feminist scholars need to problematize contemporary notions of femininity among young college women.



Ambivalent sexism, Benevolent sexism, Conformity to feminine norms, Feminism, Post-feminism